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Trade with Europe is the ONLY one-stop shop for all your needs! 

Whether you are looking to trade with the EU or the UK, we can provide a complete strategy for you.

The idea for our company was forged in 2016 – on the day after the Brexit vote. Having worked in the UK and Europe since the 1980s, we figured there would be demand for trade services on either side of the Channel. Only a year later Trade with Europe Ltd was set-up with a working concept and a select network of partners in the EU and the UK.

Over the years our partner network and range of services has grown to such an extent that we can offer practically any trade solution, no matter where you are based. 

Today, our clientele ranges from micro businesses to large, global companies.

Our solutions are designed to work in the real world and for everybody and we provide great value for money. Free customer support is part of our service culture. First, we will take a close look at your individual business, and together we will design the best route to market for you. Then we will continue to review your bespoke strategy for potential flaws. If we detect any, they will be tweaked until everything runs as desired: smooth and stable with a potential for growth. 


Want to know more? 

Simply get in touch.


Who we are

Trade with Europe Ltd was founded by husband and wife team Marcus and Mareike Broix. Both have three decades of experience in providing services for British and European companies. We love to help make trade easy and frictionless for you. 

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