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EU Economic Operator Services

Stay compliant with all your online sales into Europe

How we can help:

As of 16th July 2021 the EU introduces the Market Surveillance and Compliance Regulation. This is a consumer protection regulation that affects all non-EU businesses selling non-food products to the EU.  

Non-EU traders selling B2C to the EU may need an EU Economic Operator (sometimes also referred to as EU Responsible Person or EU Representative for Market Surveillance and Compliance). We offer such a representation, so you can stay compliant regarding all your European online sales.

We offer all you need:

  • EU Economic Operator 
    (A representative for the new market surveillance and compliance regulation)

In addition, we offer the following for the EU Import-One-Stop-Shop (IOSS): 


  • OSS VAT returns
    (Requirement for e-commerce sellers, who keep stock in the EU)

  • Intermediary for I-OSS Registration
    (Covering new EU regulations on e-commerce sales from non-EU countries to the EU)


If you would like to know how we can help with your EU trade, book in for a free business consultation or simply email or call us on +44 (0)117 32 58 320.