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Warehouse Workers

Sell your products to Europe and the World

Use our fulfilment solutions in the Netherlands to circumvent trade barriers. We tailor our services to your import and export needs and grow your sales. You can even have your EU company registered and run by us.


All shop systems compatible

We can link up with any shop system available, e.g. Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, etc., to receive your orders for immediate fulfilment. If the system you are using has an Application Programming Interface (API) we can connect with it.


Bespoke fulfilment services

We fulfill all orders fast. Affordable, efficiently and worldwide.

  • Accuracy rate over 99%

  • Wide range of eco-friendly packaging

  • Returns handled to your instructions

  • Stay 100% in control 24/7 via management software & personal assistant

  • Cost-efficient storage by only using the space you need

  • Services tailored to your needs, e.g.:

  • Adding manuals or connecting European plugs

  • Pre-packaging parcels with mixed products for gift packs, etc.


Easy monitoring & management

Monitor and manage all stock and currency movements in real-time and 24/7 via our cloud based management system. Additionally, you can use your personal assistant in our in-house service team.

  • View the whole process from receiving an order to the signed-for delivery

  • Never run out of stock thanks to automatic replenishment

  • Optimise balance between cost and stock held

  • Automate your invoicing & accountancy

  • Manage web shops and sales channels

  • Upload products to all sales channels simultaneously


Full accountancy & tax service

Automate your accountancy or have your complete accountancy and tax returns managed for you.

  • Option 1: Thanks to our accounting software package additional invoicing becomes obsolete and the accountancy can easily be completed from the sales data.

  • Option 2: Have everything completed for you by chartered accountant working in-house; from the accountancy to tax and VAT returns and annual financial statements.


60+ international sales channels

If you would like to grow your European sales, we have more than 60+ sales channels available for you. Start selling your products straight away to various European countries without the need for your own e-commerce websites in different languages. You can upload products to all sales channels simultaneously. Examples of our online sales channels:

  • Amazon (Europe)

  • (NL & BE)

  • (Germany)

  • Cdiscount (France)

  • CDON (Sweden)

  • Wupti (Denmark)

  • Allegro (Poland) etc.


Fast & affordable deliveries

Benefit from our excellent delivery rates for the whole world.

  • Have your goods delivered to anywhere on the planet?

  • All deliveries signed for

  • Have all customs clearances handled for you

  • Dispatch several times per day

  • Short lead-times


Customer services in several languages

Get the service you would wish for via our in-house service team.

  • Customer services tailored to your needs and instructions

  • Your personal in-house assistant will be at your service

  • In-house customer helpdesk for calls (inbound & outbound) in several languages

  • In-house email ticketing system in several languages


EU company formation & hosting

Run your own EU company from your UK headquarters with very little disruption to your everyday business. This way you can trade barrier-free with 27 EU countries and their 80 EU trading partner nations. In other words, no payment of VAT, tariffs and no delays at customs within the EU, and the best available trade deals with 80 of the wealthiest nations in the world.

All processes to operate your company are either automated or will be handled to your instructions by our in-house service team. Naturally, you will stay 100% in control 24/7 via our real-time online reporting system. This allows you to legally ‘remain’ in the EU post-Brexit.

If you would like to know more about our services and solutions please feel free to contact us via email, phone or book in for a complimentary business consultation - details below. 

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