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Selling to the UK

As of 2021 many (EU) businesses have reduced or stopped their imports to the UK. In most cases this was not intentionally. The jungle of post-Brexit regulations left non-UK companies to focus on other markets, leaving the UK neglected.

The biggest hurdle for selling to UK buyers is that they need to jump through too many hoops before they receive their goods. For them, buying from the EU has become unattractive. Often EU sellers do not know they can change this. BUT the good news is: You can circumvent these barriers!

With our solutions your customer's experience will be the same as it was before Brexit.

We offer various types of representations for VAT, customs clearances, and UK product compliance. We can import, store, and fulfil any B2B and B2C orders. In short, we can create a UK foothold that allows you to trade like a UK business.

Alternatively, we can also set-up a UK company for you and provide everything you need to run it from your foreign headquarters: For example, a place of business, legal and tax advice, full accountancy, tax returns and more.

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