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Selling to the EU

Selling to the European Union can be challenging. A suitable allegory for trading with this heavily protected fortress is the Story of Troy. The biggest obstacle is to get inside. But once you are in, you can move freely and open up its markets step by step.

We use the best tools of the trade to build your bespoke 'Trojan Horse'.

For non-EU companies we offer various representations and compliance services. With these you can fulfil all legal requirements for your business and your products. This allows you to trade with Europe like any European business – without having to set up an EU company!

Move your goods from anywhere in the world to everywhere in Europe or the UK with our modern logistics and fulfilment solutions. With our knowledge of the markets and various marketing tools we can help you to grow sales.

Our most popular strategy is to use the Netherlands as a bridge for imports into the EU and, at the same time, as a distribution hub to all 27 European markets and beyond.

We have modelled a variety of full trade solutions, ready to be used. However, we know every business is different, and the devil is always in the detail. Therefore, we will tailor our tried and tested strategies to suit your individual needs.

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