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EU & UK Fiscal Representations (GFR, FS, LFR)

EU & UK Fiscal Representations (GFR, FS, LFR)

We offer all variations of VAT services in the EU and the UK and complete all VAT requirements for you. This allows you to act as the Importer of Record, so you can trade with the EU or UK like a local business. These Representations will govern all legal requirements for your EU & UK imports and B2B trade.

Trade frictionless like a local business!

With our direct and indirect VAT Representations you can guarantee frictionless goods imports to the EU or UK and trade like a local business.

We offer all variants of VAT Representations, so you can act as the registered Importer of Record: General Fiscal Representation (GFR), Fiscal Services (FS) and Limited Fiscal Representation (LFR).

  • Fulfils all VAT requirements.

  • Governs all EU & UK imports.

  • All VAT returns / payments handled for you.

  • Covers B2B trade in the UK and the EU.

  • Also covers B2C trade in the UK.

  • VAT deferment possible (enhances cash flow).

  • All customs clearances handled.

  • All duty / tariff procedures handled.

  • Your EU & UK VAT & EORI numbers applied for.

  • Covers your goods flow from anywhere on the planet to the EU & UK.

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