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EU & UK Authorised Representative (EAR & UKRP)

EU & UK Authorised Representative (EAR & UKRP)

With our EAR (also known as ‘Responsible Person’) services, you can trade cosmetics, food supplements and CE/UKCA marked products in the EU or UK. We can represent you in these markets and also legalise and register your products. You can use our EU address for your product labels.

If you are trading cosmetics, food supplements, or CE/UKCA marked products in the EU or UK without being established in these markets with a legal entity you need to appoint an Authorised Representative (also called Responsible Person). 

We can represent you in the whole EU, Switzerland, and the UK, so you can trade like a local business.

We also offer a full service to get your products compliant for these markets. 

For CE/UKCA marked products:

We can test and certify your technical products, e.g., ATEX, electrical equipment, machinery and installations, pressure equipment, RoHS, construction products, EMC, medical devices, PPE, radio equipment and toys. 

For cosmetics:

All-in full-service solutions through a clear and easy process towards safety and compliance of your cosmetics with our in-house PIF services, Safety Assessment, label and claim review, EU notification, and including Responsible Person services.

For food supplements: 

Individual services or full-service combining all mandatory safety and compliance aspects ranging from PIF management, Safety assessment, EU and individual member state compliance, label and claim review, and notifications/ registrations.

Additional product groups we handle are:

  • Biocides

  • General consumer goods

  • Detergents and cleaning products

  • Traditional herbal medicine products (THMP)

  • Food for special medical purposes

  • Medical devices

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